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  • What It Says, Not What I Want It to Say.
    “It is important to set aside what we think God wants to say…”
  • Dwell Reside Remain Abide
    One of the enriching outcomes of practicing Christian disciplines is the close connectivity we experience to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Being intentional about creating space in our lives through developing the discipline of keeping “quiet times” will help deepen our relationship with God. Jesus assures us that the Holy Spirit “…will … Continue reading Dwell Reside Remain Abide
  • Clear Waters
    The spiritual disciplines in the Christian faith are not meant to be, or become, a weight that we should bear, but are available to us as methods of connecting with Jesus Christ in a deeper and more intimate way. The closer we grow to Jesus, the more closely connected we are to him, the more … Continue reading Clear Waters