Blog Launch! Yay!

Wow! Launching a new blog is always so inspiring. I know I’m going to fill the internet with all of the most important, thought provoking, and transformative content the world wide web has ever known! …Unlike anyone else who has ever written a blog online before!

Well… I feel like I’ve overstated that a bit, maybe even set the bar real high for myself in the future. So, let me just say thank you for taking the time to find my blog Sleeper Awake. Here I’ll be discussing matters of Christian faith and issues related to the Bible and Christian history, but I’m not going to put an overdue amount of pressure on myself. I’ll be generating posts as frequently as I can and will hope to keep you engaged. The catalyst for this blog launch at this moment in time is a Christian disciplines class that I will be facilitating; this space will serve to help deliver additional content to our study group to help enrich the study material we’ll be engaging with along our journey.

I chose the title, Sleeper Awake, because of the scripture text found in Ephesians 5:13-17. Even though we walk in a world that is over shadowed by sin, the light of Jesus Christ shines on us and we can choose to walk in the light of his love and imitate him rather than give in to the pressures of sin. We can embrace the life Christ offers rather than walk in the patterns of the world around us. In fact, that can be a point of prayer for us today. I’d encourage you to take a moment and ask the Lord to show you how you may better imitate him, walk in his love, and maybe even show you where you could be blind to sin’s power in your life. It’s a good place to start and a great way to launch a blog. You may even enjoy this piece written by the composer, Johann Sebastian Back, inspired by the Ephesians scripture passage referenced above: J.S. Bach, Sleepers Wake

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