Clear Waters

The spiritual disciplines in the Christian faith are not meant to be, or become, a weight that we should bear, but are available to us as methods of connecting with Jesus Christ in a deeper and more intimate way. The closer we grow to Jesus, the more closely connected we are to him, the more we begin to see our world as he would. We become more like him and perhaps we begin to act more like him, too.

The disciplines are practices of training ourselves to experience the fullness of life that comes from Jesus Christ. And the reason why this pursuit of the ‘fuller life’ is so tricky is because life on this planet brings so many distractions, pressures, temptations, and demands. So much so that we can lose site of our goals because of cloudy vision. Our hearts get so cluttered with distraction or sin that we haven’t given Christ any room… almost like murky river water.

What we need is an intentional moment of clarity; a time when we can temporarily remove ourselves from the clutter around us and clearly focus on Christ, giving him an opportunity to speak to our hearts and shape our thoughts. The brief video below is Ruth Haley Barton’s description of what it meant to her to pursue a time of solitude and moments of silence in order to hear what God had to say to her. Watch it and prayerfully consider what you could do to be still before the Lord.

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